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Our ZLTY Melon P2P Lending Platform Review: Get The Details

by Evan Carlsen
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Thinking about exploring the world of P2P lending? Interested in top P2P lending platforms in the UK and Europe? In this ZLTY Melon review, we’ll be taking a look at the first P2P lending platform founded in Slovenia. We’ll discuss its returns, loan diversification, features, user experience and more. Then, you can decide if the ZLTY Melon P2P lending platform is right for you.

What is ZLTY Melon? Get the details now

ZLTY Melon is the oldest P2P lending platform from Slovenia, and was founded in 2012. It accepts and issues loans in EUR. It is currently open to investors from all countries covered by SEPA. Since it was founded, ZLTY Melon has issued €13,183,273 in loans. It does not use any third-party originators, and handles the entire lending and loan origination process in-house. The company primarily focuses on consumer loans.

Returns at ZLTY Melon: Reasonable but risky

The returns offered by the ZLTY Melon lending platform differ dramatically based on the risk profile of the loan. You can get anywhere from 5-28%. Naturally, a higher risk will offer a higher return. The average return rate across all of its loans is 8.36%. Depending on your appetite for risk, you can pick and choose your loans to get a higher or lower rate.

It has a pretty good number of loans to choose from, including real estate loans and consumer loans. Consumer loans are riskier but have higher returns. Real estate loans are secured by property, but usually have a lower rate of return.

Diversification at ZLTY Melon: Okay for the long-term

You can choose between real estate loans and consumer loans at ZLTY Melon. When it comes to the length of loan terms, there is not a lot of diversity. Most of its loans are issued for at least 3-5 years, so you must be a patient investor. This is not the best choice if you want to invest in relatively short, high-return loans.

For this reason, ZLTY Melon is not the best all-in-one solution if you want to invest in both short and long-term loan products. If you’re interested in that, you may want to check out other P2P lending platforms like Grupeer and Envestio. If you don’t mind investing long-term, though, ZLTY Melon offers a good selection of loans.

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