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Viventor Review

by Evan Carlsen
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Interested in investing with the Viventor P2P lending platform? Wondering if it’s right for you? In this Viventor review, we’ll take a look at all the details. We’ll take a look at everything you need to know. From your expected returns and diversity of loans to features like buyback guarantees and auto investing, we’ll discuss it all. Let’s see if Viventor is the right place for you to invest your money.

Understanding the basics of Viventor

Let’s start with the basics. Viventor is a P2P lending platform that is based in Latvia. It was first founded in 2015. It’s currently open to investors from the entire European Economic Area (EEA), so you won’t be able to invest if you’re outside of Europe.

In total, Viventor has attracted more than 5,597 investors since it was founded. Its investors have issued loans totaling more than €93,378,363. Viventor provides a wide variety of different loans. This includes consumer loans, business loans, car loans, real estate, and even receivables (invoice factoring).

It’s highly reputable, too, with an average of 8.9 on TrustPilot. However, the community of active Viventor P2P platform members is still relatively small. The company has only about 1,100 likes on Facebook.

However, the Viventor P2P lending platform is legitimate, despite being relatively new. Customers reviewing the site have noted that its secondary market is very easy to use and that the AutoInvest features make it extremely easy to build a balanced, diversified portfolio.

Returns at Viventor: great returns with a wide range of rates

Let’s get to the part you’ve probably been looking forward to – returns. What kind of returns can you expect at Viventor?

Well, this mostly depends on what loans you invest in. Viventor has a huge diversity of loans. We’ll discuss that in further detail in the next section. However, depending on the loan type that you choose, you can get anywhere from 6-16% on your loan. Naturally, a higher interest rate usually means a higher risk loan. The opposite is also true. If you focus only on low interest rate loans, you’re more likely to avoid defaulting borrowers.

One of the best things about Viventor is that it’s fee-free. Regardless of how you invest, you will not have to pay any fees. This is even true of its secondary marketplace. While most P2P lending platforms charge you a fee to buy and resell loans, Viventor does not.

There are tons of loans available, too. As of publication time, there were more than 16,000 loans in which you could invest. This is quite a bit higher than most other lending platforms and means you can easily diversify your portfolio for high returns or safety. Speaking of which…

Loan diversification at Viventor: Diverse loan types, terms & more

With Viventor, it’s extremely easy to diversify your loans and build a balanced portfolio. It offers a total of 5 different loan types, as mentioned. These loans are for consumer loans, business loans, car loans, real estate, and receivables (invoice factoring).

Viventor loans are available for investors anywhere in the EEA and are issued to borrowers in dozens of countries. This allows for more geographical diversity. The loan terms also vary quite a bit. You can invest in loans for millions of Euros with a 48-60 month duration, or short-term loans with a duration of only a month for just a few hundred Euros.

Viventor, unlike some other P2P companies, also is not the issuer of its loans. It works with a total of 21 loan originators. This allows you to invest with your preferred loan originators. It also reduces your risk in the rare case that Viventor runs into financial issues, and must shut down.

This all adds up to an easily-diversifiable portfolio. You can easily balance your different loans and build a portfolio that offers great returns and is spread out over multiple countries, originators, types of loans and more.



Viventor features: Invest automatically & protect your money

Viventor has several really useful features, so let’s discuss these now. We will begin with its autoinvest feature.

Autoinvest features allow you to “set and forget” your investments by choosing the loans you want to invest in, your desired interest rate, the type of loans you want. You can adjust things like:

  • Maximum investment in a single loan
  • Desired countries
  • Preferred loan originators
  • Buyback/payment guarantee
  • Loan type

Then, you can just begin adding money to your account, and it will be added to the proper loans, based on your portfolio selections.

Viventor also has a buyback guarantee. However, the terms of this depend on the loan originator. Some offer a 60-day buyback guarantee, while others have a 90-day buyback guarantee. These delays are quite long, but you’ll still get your money back if the borrower defaults for 60-90 days, which is what matters.

Also, Viventor has a secondary market that lets you buy and sell loans to other investors, increasing your liquidity. It’s fee-free, so you can always sell or buy loans for no additional charge. Most of its competitors charge for this feature.

You can also get started with just €10, which is excellent. Currently, you can only add cash to your account using a SEPA transfer, and you’ll have to establish your identity with standard KYC information like a state-issued ID and proof of address to begin investing.

Overall, the features of Viventor are first-rate. Even though it’s only been around for a few years and has not yet attracted a ton of investors, it’s a pleasure to use and has great features for rookie and veteran investors alike.

The Viventor interface: Simple, streamlined & easy to use

The Viventor interface is a pleasure to use. It’s straightforward and easy to navigate, with the ability to easily view the details of each loan, and get all the information that you need to invest wisely with the Viventor P2P lending platform.

During our Viventor review, we had no problems with website performance, slow loading times, non-functional buttons, or any other issues. It was truly a pleasure to use this website, and we recommend it for new investors.

If you’re an experienced investor, you’ll also find a lot to love. You can view detailed statistics about investment performance, export information to Excel files for further analysis, and view cash-flow graphs to get insights into your portfolio’s performance.

Signing up was quick and easy, and took only a few minutes. However, you should expect a slight delay while your identity is verified for KYC purposes. This is a bit frustrating, but standard for most P2P lending platforms. They have to verify who you are to ensure that they satisfy requirements from European regulators, to ensure you’re taxed correctly, and so on.



Risks & recommendations when investing with Viventor

Investing with the Viventor P2P lending platform does have risks, just like investing with any other platform.

  • Loan default – If a borrower stops paying and defaults on your loan, you could lose your principal. Choosing loans with a BuyBack guarantee helps reduce this risk.
  • Originator insolvency – This is rare, but if a loan originator used by Viventor has a bunch of loans go into default, it may become insolvent and go out of business. This could result in the loss of all of its loans.
  • Cash drag – This happens when there are not enough loans to meet investor demand, and you have to hold onto cash instead of investing. Given the huge number of Viventor loans, though, this is not a huge concern.

Before investing in any loans with Viventor or any other P2P lending platform, you need to do your risk assessment – and determine whether or not your potential gains outweigh the risks of P2P lending.

Viventor Review
Viventor Review: Our Verdict
Viventor is a great P2P lending platform
Overall, our impression of Viventor was very positive. It has tons of great features, as well as an amazing user interface. It’s easily approachable both for new investors and experienced P2P investors.Not only that, but there is a huge diversity of loans. You can choose between 5+ different types of loans from dozens of countries and 21 total loan originators. If you are interested in using a single P2P lending platform exclusively, Viventor is a great choice. It’s so diverse and gives you the opportunity to invest in loans of just about any type.Of course, what we found in our Vivento review wasn’t all great. The buyback guarantee, in particular, ranges from 60-90 days which is quite long. But overall, Viventor offers an easy-to-use investment interface, great returns, and plenty of diversity. It’s one of our top choices for European P2P investors, and it’s just as good as some other top picks like Fast Invest and Mintos.
User Experience
Crowd Rating1 Vote
Reasons to invest
Great returns on investment
Huge loan diversity ensures a balanced portfolio
Incredible design works well for newcomers and experienced investors alike
Reasons to avoid
Long delays for buyback guarantee
Some loans are relatively risky
Delays when signing up are common due ot KYC regulations
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