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Our Rebuildingsociety Review – P2P Investing For Small Businesses

by Evan Carlsen
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If you’re interested in learning more about Rebuildingsociety and want to see if this P2P investing platform is right for you, you’ve come to the right place. In this Rebuildingsociety review, we’ll be taking a look at the details of this platform including returns, diversification, user interface and more. Read on, and see if it’s right for you.

What is Rebuildingsociety? Get the details now

Rebuildingsociety is a UK-based P2P lending company, which was first founded in 2011. This makes it one of the older UK-based lenders. It’s based in the UK, but accepts investors from all across the EU. In total, it has issued £15,800,000 in loans. It has more than 1,613 investors.

Primarily, it focuses on UK business loans. It does not offer loans in any other countries at this time. If you’re looking to invest primarily in the United Kingdom, the Rebuildingsociety P2P platform is a good option.

Returns at Rebuildingsociety: Relatively low

Rebuildingsociety focuses on unsecured business loans to companies in the UK. This means its loans are a bit riskier, but you can expect good overall returns. Most loans vary from 11-18% interest, with the annual returns of an average of about 7.70%.

This is below the average of most other P2P lending platforms in the UK. You can likely find higher returns on another platform. Overall, Rebuildingsociety has a relatively small pool of loans to choose from, but they are good quality. As of writing our Rebuildingsociety review, there were only 3 loans available on its website for investors.

Diversification at Rebuildingsociety: Reasonably diverse loans

In our Rebuildingsociety review, we’ve found its loan diversification to be reasonable – but not excellent. It offers business loans for a variety of different high-quality UK-based businesses. However, it only offers a handful of loans at any given time.

This makes it hard to build a more balanced portfolio. Your hands are a bit tied if you don’t like the loans on offer. You’ll simply have to wait for new loans to be available, or purchase loans on the secondary market.

You can invest in some high-quality loans, but we really don’t recommend using this platform as your only P2P lending platform. You may want to augment your investments with another lender like EstateGuru or Kuetzal.

Features of Rebuildingsociety: Everything you need

Rebuildingsociety has all the features you need to invest wisely. With the Rebuildingsociety P2P lending platform, you can automatically invest in loans that meet your requirements. A low minimum investment of £10 GBP means it’s easy to get started.

It also has an easy-to-use risk grading feature, which can help you determine the credit risk of each individual borrower, and determine if you should invest your money in that loan.

Rebuildingsociety also has a secondary market where you can buy and resell loans to rebalance your portfolio. It also has a buyback guarantee which will help you protect your investments. However, it’s important to note that not all loans are covered by this.

Rebuildingsociety user experience: Some sharp edges

Overall, our experience with the Rebuildingsociety user experience was okay. The website looks fairly modern and sleek. However, it has some unique quirks and navigational issues that may make it a bit hard to use, particularly for newer investors.

Depositing and investing money, for instance, uses a complex “bidding” system that’s a lot less straightforward compared to some other major P2P lending platforms.

Rebuildingsociety would not be our first pick if you’re a brand-new investor looking to enter the world of P2P lending for the first time. However, you probably won’t have any issues if you’ve already used a few P2P lending websites in the past.

Should I use Rebuildingsociety? Risks & recommendations

The risks of using Rebuildingsociety are similar to those of investing in any P2P lending platform. There is always the risk that a borrower may default, which could cause you to lose your capital. This can mostly be avoided with smart investing. You can also exclusively invest in loans with a buyback guarantee.

Rebuildingsociety also issues its loans without a third-party originator. That means there is a risk that it may go out of business. If this happens, you might have trouble recovering your capital. However, it has been around for 8 years and has a good track record. Overall, we think that using Rebuildingsociety is just as safe as using any other P2P lending platform.

Rebuildingsociety Review: Our Verdict
Rebuildingsociety is a good option for high-quality business loans
If you want to invest in high-quality business loans and you’re okay with investing in just a few businesses for longer loan terms of 3-5 years, Rebuildingsociety is definitely a good choice. However, its user interface is not the best. It also does not have the most diverse set of loans available.We think Rebuildingsociety is a good option if you’re an experienced P2P investor looking to diversify your loans. However, it might not be the best choice if you’re a brand-new P2P investor
User Experience
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Reasons to invest
Great features
Invest in high-quality businesses
Low minimum investment
Reasons to avoid
Poor overall returns
Difficult UI
Low overall loan volume
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