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IUVO Group Review: Is This P2P Lending Platform Right For Me?

by Evan Carlsen
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If you’re an investor looking for alternatives to traditional markets in the EU, IUVO Group may be a good choice for you. In this IUVO Group Review, we’ll take a look at the details about this P2P lending platform, compare it to other top EU P2P lending platforms, and help you decide if it’s right for you.

The Basics & History Of IUVO Group

IUVO Group is based in Estonia, and it serves investors from all across the European Union. It’s attracted more €11,724,531 in investments since the company was founded in 2016. Primarily, the company focuses on mortgages, consumer loans, business loans, and car loans. It allows investors to invest in EUR, BGN, and RON.

It’s available in the European Union, and all other countries with an AML/CFT system similar to the EU, totalling over 100 countries. IUVO Group has been recognized by multiple publications as the fastest-growing P2P lender in Europe. This is thanks to its reputable loan originators, large loan diversity and other positive features.

Returns on investment at IUVO Group: Strong returns – 4.1/5

The average returns from IUVO Group can be up to 15.2%, but the average annual return usually clocks in at about 9.2%. This is pretty good. There are a lot of loans available for investors, across numerous countries and financial sectors.

Overall, these returns are pretty good, especially considering the fact that IUVO Group offers a buyback guarantee for most of its loan products. You can find higher rates elsewhere. However, the IUVO Group P2P lending platform offers a good balance of risk & returns. This makes it a good choice for new and experienced P2P investors alike.

Loan diversification at IUVO Group: Invest in diverse loans – 4.5/5

Iuvo Group does business in multiple countries including Bulgaria, Poland, and Romania. It also works with 7 third-party loan originators. It is not responsible for issuing the loans itself, and it requires loan originators to invest at least 30% of the loan amount for “skin in the game.”

You can also choose from mortgages, consumer loans, business loans and car loans at IUVO Group. It’s really easy to build a diversified, robust investment portfolio with this P2P lending platform. If you’re reading this IUVO Group review and you’re a new investor, this platform is definitely a good place to get started with about P2P investing.

IUVO Group features: Buyback, secondary market, auto-invest: 4.9/5

IUVO Group has all of the modern features that you could want from a P2P lending platform. This includes a secondary market where you can buy and resell loans. An auto-invest tool is also offered. It’s easy to set up, and you can quickly start automatically investing in loans that meet your criteria.

The minimum investment at IUVO Group is just €10, so you can get started even without a lot of capital. Iuvo group supports bank transfers, Transferwise, Revolut and CurrencyFair for deposits.

It also has a buyback guarantee, which will refund your initial capital (but not earned interest) if the payment is 30 or 60 days late and the loan enters default. Overall, these features are all top-notch.

IUVO Group user experience: Not bad, could be better: 3.3/5

The overall user experience of IUVO Group is decent, but not quite on the level of other top European P2P lending platforms like Grupeer and Envestio. Pages load quickly, but the overall interface is a bit clunky and outdated.

The individual loan pages, in particular, present you with a lot of information that is not organized very intuitively. This means it’s not that easy to figure out which loans are right for you. New investors may need to spend some time getting familiar with the UI and familiarizing themselves with a few key loan terms before investing for the first time.

Should I use IUVO Group? Risks & recommendations

Overall, IUVO Group has a low-risk profile, and it’s a good P2P lending platform for both new and experienced investors.

The biggest risk of any P2P platform is investing in loans that may enter default, causing you to lose your capital. But with its buyback guarantee, IUVO Group ensures that you can recover your money if your borrower defaults. You’ll get your investment back within 30-60 days.

The other risk is that IUVO Group may go out of business. However, the company appears to be quite strong and profitable. Even if it does go out of business, its loans will still be valid, too. This is because it works with seven third-party loan originators. Even in the rare even that IUVO Group does fail, the loan originator is still responsible for managing the loan.

IUVO Group Review: Our Verdict
IUVO Group Is Ideal For New & Experienced Investors Alike
There’s a lot to like about IUVO Group. It has plenty of loans to choose from and allows you to build a diverse portfolio quickly. It even has a secondary market and a buyback guarantee, as well as an auto-invest feature. It provides good returns with a relatively low risk of losing your capital.We highly recommend IUVO Group. It’s on-par with most other top EU P2P lenders including Kuetzal and EstateGuru. It’s a good option whether you’re investing in P2P loans for the first time, or you’ve got years of experience in the market.
User Experience
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Reasons to invest
Highly diverse loans
Reasonably good returns
Excellent features
Reasons to avoid
User experience could be better
Some P2P lenders offer higher returns
Not available worldwide, only in EU/Europe
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